HepaZone Rental
HepaZone Rental
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HepaZone Rental



The HepaZone dust containment cart prevents the spread of dust and hazardous particles in the air during inspection, maintenance and renovation for reasons of abatement, decontamination or infection control.

The battery-powered fan included with our HEPA-filtered containment cart makes it fully autonomous and fast to set up, saving one of our scarcest resources: time.

  • Battery-powered (over 16 hours of battery life)
  • Battery level indicator
  • Fully charged overnight
  • Can also run on standard 120V power
  • 99.99% certified HEPA filter
  • 300 CFM - 150 air changes per hour
  • 3-year Warranty
  • Structure: Powder coated steel & aluminum
  • Cabin: Self-extinguishing vinyl
  • Windows: Transparent vinyl
  • Width: 30” (76 cm)
  • Length: 60” (152 cm)
  • Height: 72” to 120” (183 cm to 305 cm)
  • Heat sealed seams
  • Full wall opening
  • Vinyl pouch to display warning signs on exterior of cabin (16’’ x 20’’)
  • Drain in the floor to facilitate cleaning
  • Locking swivel casters
  • Non-slip finish on the floor
  • HEPA fan requires no floor space in the unit, freeing it up for step ladders and tools

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